Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Starting a scrapping blog...

I have been actively scrapping for 7 months now. Hannah's first year is complete (although I keep changing things here and there so it's not printed yet), I am almost half done with her second year, and I occasionally skip ahead and scrap current pictures so Ginny ends up in my gallery from time to time as well.

I am thoroughly enjoying my creative team work as well. The lovely ladies at Two Little Pixels are a great inspiration. They can take a picture, a piece of paper and a font and turn out the most stunning layouts. I have definitely improved my simple/minimalist layouts after seeing their beautiful work week after week. My main designer there, Emily Giovanni, has been so much fun to work with. She is a sweetie and literally requires nothing of us but I find myself using her stuff, especially her stunning paper packs, constantly.

My guest CT this month, Holly Designs, has been an absolute blast. I feel like I'm among the elites over there since a lot of her team is so well-known in the digiscrapping world but they're very sweet girls (Holly especially!) and don't seem to mind me sneaking my layouts in the middle of theirs. :) I have been able to play with some seriously beautiful kits this month and I am very sad that the end of February is approaching so soon!

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and my husband, brother and parents surprised me with my long-coveted 22inch flat screen!! I am completely in love with it. Not only is the picture clear and I no longer edit pictures through a dim grey fog, but when I push the button to view "print size" on my 12x12 layouts the image actually SHRINKS!!!! In photoshop, my list of layers is 10 inches long! Yes, it is amazing. On the downside, I can see how horribly overexposed all my pictures are in my layouts so that has taken quite a bit of time from scrapping to fix.

So that's where my scrapbooking is right now! I'm having fun with it and love seeing the pictures of my girls go to good use. Now if I can just finish nit-picking layouts and get something printed.